Sometimes simple things make a big difference.

Each of these cards has a powerful way to build a strong, balanced family.
Put them where you can see them, and they'll give you a
quick boost when you need it most.

9 magnetic cards

9 thick paper cards

5 color options

5 color options


More stuff.


Get your head in the right place with these 3 tools.


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The Trainer

Move through the tools in three phases of increasing challenge.


Blank Cards

Create your own tools! 3 blank cards.


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Folded All-in-One

All of the tools in a folded card (business card size)


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The basic workshop.

$48 for a 48 minute online workshop that covers all the tools. 

  • Slow down
  • Listen
  • Talk
  • Have a vision
  • Live your values
  • Serve each other
  • Be accountable
  • Learn new things
  • Celebrate

** [ 12 ] more workshop spots available. **

Specialty workshops.

$72 for a 72 minute online workshop. Pick one topic.

Using the toolkit for (pick one):

  • Single Dad
  • Single Mom
  • Marriage
  • Grandparents
  • Families with teens
  • The guilt destroyer

If you are interested in taking a workshop click the button to pick the workshop(s) you are interested in. Once enough people are interested, a time will be scheduled, and you will get information on how to register, information about the workshop leader, and the agenda for the workshop.  


The Retreat

at Walt Disney World


October 2015 Retreat

2 days. We’ll pick the exact dates together when there are 24 people interested.

February 2016 Retreat

2 days. We’ll pick the exact dates together when there are 24 people interested.

June 2016 Retreat

2 days. We’ll pick the exact dates together when there are 24 people interested.

$580 per person (about)*

Includes 2 days of learning and activities at a Disney World resort and lunch for each day. Doesn’t include airfare, Disneyworld tickets, hotel (you stay at any Disney hotel you like), or any other stuff. *This is only an estimate of the price. The final price will depend on the resort chosen for the conference room and exact dates, but this should be a pretty good estimate. Also, this is the price for attendees, not for anyone else who comes along with you, but doesn’t attend the retreat (kids, dogs, friends, etc.). Come a few days early and/or stay a few days after!

Interested in a retreat?

A retreat will be held once there are at least 24 people who are going!

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